Custom Dog Collars can save your dog’s life!

Trust me, you got to get one!

Custom Dog Collars can save your dog’s life!

March 3, 2013


Losing your dog, your dog lost in a big city etc are things of our worst nightmare. So we have usually go with tags on the dog. If your dog is active as mine, you know how many times they fall off or tear off. The only thing that seems to be fixed on his body is his tail, his goofy grin and his collar. That’s exactly why you should get your dog a custom, personalized dog collar. Get the makers to engrave your dog’s name on the collar. It will never fall off and if somebody finds him, they will know that he belongs to someone (Phew, am I the only one who felt a shudder thinking about losing my dog????)

Any who, moving on, anything customized is cool. Simple as that. Customized dog collars are no exception to this either. Get it engraved, say something personal. Although your dog can’t read it, trust me he will see it your eyes every time your fall on the engraving. He will know he means a lot to you. And everyone else will too. Which never hurts eh?

It’s a fashion statement. Dog Collar Bandanas are all the rage now. They are cool, they just make your dog look so much cuter, if such a thing is possible that is. Get a Seasonal dog Bandana collar and you will have possibly the cutest thing ever.

Personalized dog collars will help you identify them easily from a distance. Although, as the closest person to him, you would know instantly if it’s him or not. But it never hurts to have a little extra. This will specially come in handy when you’re out at the park and if the dogs get into a pissing patch with each other.

So the bottom-line is that, they are safer, more fashionable, shows off your personality and your dogs. That’s reason enough to get one. But if the relatively higher price is putting you off, search online and you should be able to find something a lot cheaper than what you will find offline.

Anyways, leave a comment guys and girls. I will elaborate more on some of the above points in a later post.

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